Understanding Roof Leak Emergencies

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February 2, 2019
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February 6, 2019

Understanding Roof Leak Emergencies

At some point, using basins or pots to deal with constant leaks from your ceiling will be too tiring and inconvenient. While this definitely solves the issue temporarily, it still does not address the fact that there is a leak in your house, which is posing a possibility of further damages.


One of the challenging things about roof leakage is that you cannot readily pin point where the leak spot is. More often than not the spot where you see the leak is just the final area where the water has passed through. However, according to roof leakage repair specialists, the likely origin of the leaks are loose nail works, broken shingles, hole in the roof, and spaces in the ceiling. You can determine the source of leak by yourself by starting at where you see the water dripping. With utmost care and lighting, trace back the path of water, checking for any wet parts of the roofing. Once you find even the tiniest opening, you can safely confirm that your roof is causing the constant leaking.

Roof leakage repair by a professional is moreover highly recommended, because unlike any other area of the house, working with a roof can be dangerous for non-professionals. While waiting for an appointment with a professional, here some of the things you can do to reduce leaking from your roof.

  • Seal all holes – if you are certain that a hole or break from the roof is the main source of water entering your house, you can use galvanized sheet metal to seal the affected spot. Water sealants can also be used but can be quite tedious to apply compared to a metal sheet.
  • Update the nail works of your ceiling – over time, the nails holding your ceiling planes together can loosen up, with some even falling off. When this happens, it’s easier for water to accumulate and leak out of the ceiling.
  • Maintain a good ventilation – increased humidity in the room can contribute to accumulation of water inside your home. In fact, there are water droppings that are not necessarily due to any cracks, but simply because of water due that has accumulated. A good ventilation inside your home will prevent moisture from forming causing those annoying ‘drops.’


These are just short-term solutions or quick fixes for that annoying roof leak. Remember that for a more long-lasting comfort and peace of mind, it is best to have the problem looked at by a waterproofing professional so they can determine the best solution for your roof.

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