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XMaster Waterproofing is a grouting contractor based in Malaysia. We offer an array of waterproofing solutions, including PU grouting. If you're interested in this service, we would love to work with you.

What Is PU Grouting?

PU grouting is a technique in which expanding polyurethane is injected into an area to keep water from flowing downwards or through cracks. It's a highly effective method that can be used to repair leaks or prevent water damage. This technique is ideal for older homes that have gaps and cracks.

This is one of the oldest waterproofing methods out there, and it's popular for a reason. Injection grouting yields great results, especially when you work with specialists like the ones we have on our team. Talk to us today so that we can tell you more about this waterproofing method.

When And Why Do You Need PU Grouting?

If you have gaps or cracks in your home that water can enter through, then you need PU grouting. If water is able to escape through spaces in your home, it's likely that you'll have to deal with leaks at some point. This can be an important preventative measure.Grouting may also be the best solution if you're dealing with a leak. If polyurethane is applied to the area that is leaking, it could wind up stopping the leak completely. It's a fast solution that can deliver long-term results.

The PU Grouting Process

Grouting doesn't take a long time; the process can be completed very quickly. Because our contractors have a lot of experience with grouting, we can usually finish jobs like this right away.

The grouting process may vary based on your unique needs. We'll talk to you about various options, like pressure grouting, and we will walk you through each step. We'll work to keep you in the loop as we waterproof your home.

Call XMaster Waterproofing today if you want to work with a grouting contractor Malaysia. This is an effective way to protect your home. We want to help you avoid water damage. Get in touch with us as soon as you can.

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