How PU Grouting Services Can Help You

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February 6, 2019
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February 12, 2019

How PU Grouting Services Can Help You

Polyurethane has many industrial applications in construction, home improvement, among others. Among the specialized services, it would be good for homeowners to talk to a company that offers quality PU grouting services.

Experts use polyurethane to waterproof your structure. It is injected into small cracks that are found on any structure to avoid water damage. The filling prevents liquids from seeping into the cracks which can compromise the overall integrity of your structure.


The polyurethane fill is injected using a device that will apply pressure to filling pushing it to every section of the crack. It expands to fill the space that was created ensuring that it won’t be passable by any liquid.

Grouting includes the following steps:

  1. Drilling on cracked surface
  2. Injection of polyurethane fill
  3. Wait for it to expand and fill
  4. Cover the holes

This process is applied to a crack that’s found on the negative side of the wall or the underside of a ceiling. What that means is the process is applied to the side of the structure where the leaking water will flow out to.

Other sealants can’t be used if the hole in your wall or ceiling runs deep. The water can still find its way inside the concrete and will eventually seep out from it. This will cause unnecessary damages as well because you won’t be able to see where the leak is flow through.

Concrete structures such as residential homes find this method very useful to prevent water damage. There are also establishments that use this on their swimming pools to prevent from wasting water. There is no need to do retiling of the swimming pool since the cracks will be taken cared of by the polyurethane fill.

A sewer line can also use this to keep sewer water from leaking out to other parts of the line. No need to break the whole line because the polyurethane can be filled into the cracks and it will prevent any possible leaks in the sewer line.

You should be wary of possible sources of leaks and have them fixed with the PU grouting. This can be quickly done because you can apply it right away. Don’t let the concrete void rest because it will grow if water continues to flow inside.

Regain the structural integrity of your home or building with professional grouting services. Find a polyurethane mixture that’s both non-toxic and has anti-decay properties so that it will last for a long time.

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